Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Johnsons!

This year marks our 4th Christmas we have celebrated together. I think we must be growing up or something, because our gifts to each other were very mature. For Christmas this year, we bought dressers for each other. Very useful, needed, wanted, pined for, and finally owned! We bought them on sale at IKEA--which means two things: decent price; assemble on your own. As Adam was working on putting together our new pieces of furniture, he commented, "IKEA is for the lego generation". And it's so true! I had to laugh, because with this new perspective in mind, Adam looked a lot like a little kid putting together a lego project or knex creation--all the pieces spread around him--following the picture only directions.

I think he had fun putting the dressers together--and I am so thankful that he enjoys this type of job because it looked way too complicated for me to figure out.

Christmas Eve!

Because we did not buy any small gifts for each other, under the tree would have been a very bleak place if not for our families. The Johnsons, Kangs, Hinzes, and Koedykers are very generous when it comes to sending packages to China. This Christmas we received 7 packages! We had so many thoughtful gifts under the tree this year! I can't remember the last time I was given so many gifts for Christmas!!! We were truly blessed by our families who have used the US post office as an avenue of love and thoughtfulness. The last of the packages arrived just in time too--Christmas Eve!

Look at all those presents!

Adam's brother, Luke, sent him an interesting wardrobe choice.

Looking at a little book of cookie recipes...thinking about what ingredients I have on hand.

My mom sent a murder mystery dinner party game--this will be the 4th one that I've gotten to participate in, and the 2nd that I will get to host! Adam already knows which character he wants to be--the WWII fighter pilot. It's set in Paris in the 1940's--so it should be lots of fun!

I'm also really excited about this gift--it's a shower curtain!

Adam's Grandma sent us several fancy soup and dip mixes--we're excited to eat these gourmet foods! :) Nothing like this in China...

The aftermath of opening our gifts...Thank you family! Your gifts were so great, we loved them all! Thank you for remembering us and making us feel so special and loved! :)

However, the greatest gift of all, and something that Adam and I are extremely excited about, is something that has made me pretty sick the last several weeks. Our family is growing, and this will be our last Christmas as spoiled, boring adults. Our baby will be joining us in July 2011!

Here is a picture of my baby bloat. That bump is not really the baby yet, but I'm growing a lot. I wish I could say that I was sticking my gut out for this picture. Apparently, I have no where to grow except out--and I am very thankful that all the maternity clothes I ordered from the Gap will fit me! Thanks for sending those, Mom! I'm feeling a little better lately, and very thankful for the break from teaching. The baby is quite well--we just had our 12 week check-up and everything is progressing nicely. Ok--the weird thing about my recent appointment was that I hadn't gained a single pound since my 6 week check up--looking at my is that possible?

12 weeks

Not a very clear picture--the ultra sound machine is not the best--but you can sort of see the baby!

Merry Christmas to you all!



  2. Unfortunately, us short people can only grow out. :-)

  3. It looks like Adam needs some cordless power tools for Christmas:)

  4. Congratulations!!! Oh my goodness, you are the cutest prego lady ever!

  5. i had so much fun reading about your christmas :) i miss you!!!!! oh, and we have the same coffee table :)