Sunday, November 7, 2010

Egg Drops and Upper Cuts

On Friday, Adam's eighth grade science class designed and created protective gear for an egg and then watched as Mr. Johnson threw their projects from the fourth floor fire escape. Some of the elementary classes went outside to watch as eggs dropped from more than forty feet. 2nd grade B, 3rd grade and 2-3rd grade ESL and 1st grade ESL were all out their, screaming their little heads off as egg after egg was tossed down. Some eggs broke on the first plunge, while others survived for a second round. The second fall was much more dangerous, since Adam chucked them down towards the blacktop as hard as he could. Still, some eggs were able to survive!

Here is Adam throwing down one of the projects--the lighting is not the greatest.

This past week was busy with parent teacher conferences. Thursday and Friday were half days, which made the week go by much faster! We were still able to have Treasure Island rehearsal on Thursday and were able to finish blocking Act 1. Some of the actors also were able to create some fight sequences. A few of the sequences were very realistic and creative. I think I should promote those students to "fight choreographers".

Conferences were successful for third grade--I was glad to be able to meet more of my students' parents and have some meaningful and much needed conversations with them. A major difference that I see between this year's first quarter conferences and last year's is the amount of work I left the conferences with. So many parents requested extra handwriting or math or grammar homework. Now each student has a different set of optional homework...I still have two more conferences to go next week---I will be busy every day after school.

One of the high points of my week was getting to teach a mini-unit on one-room school houses (within our pioneer unit). At the end of the week, we role played one-room school house lessons. We learned math, reading, and spelling lessons while the desks were set up in rows. We recited the pledge of allegiance at the beginning of "school", and recited our lessons at the end. All the students were in different grade levels and ciphered their problems on their slates (our little whiteboards). So cute! The kids ate it up and begged that normal third grade always be like a one room school house.... I don't think so!

Getting ready for another busy week--Adam has a middle-school and high school lock-in this Friday and I think that I am helping by default this year. A lot of kids to supervise all night long! My TI will also not be able to come to school Tuesday--Friday. Her frequent absences are definitely becoming an added burden to me.


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