Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wisdom from above

Ever since my walk with Him became real, I have been craving His wisdom. Maybe even before then, though. Wisdom is a tricky thing--something you can't just obtain naturally--you have to run after it all the time and catch it if you can. It's also a gift. Something that can be passed down to you by a mentor or parent. The best kind of wisdom is from above.

Sometimes I am impressed by wisdom of eight year old students. Literally, "out of the mouth of babes". Their theology is fresh, unbiased, and poignant. To have the mind of a child who has a heart for her father. Sometimes these little kids are very convicting. Being their teacher is a blessing and a privilege--it shows me how much a lack as a follower and how much more I need to grow. Their questions and ideas push me forward and hold me accountability. Having eleven little pairs of eyes watch my every action, and eleven pairs of super-sonic ears around is a great way to stay humble.


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