Monday, November 1, 2010

The Heat is On

Right on schedule too! I was pleasantly surprised that our apartment was a comfortable temperature when we arrived home today!

Here are a few more pictures that I wanted to share

At the hole-in-the-wall dvd store where we buy most of our tv shows and movies.

Adam waiting for the lady to tally up the total cost of our many movies and tv shows that we had picked out.

An old church building that is now club--and some interesting tree lights that move in downward patters--it reminds us of Avatar trees.

Our principal's cute son chewing on a date. He's making such a silly face!

Men on the clubhouse in our apartment complex, using a pulley to transport dirt (or something) onto the roof.

Adam, keeping score at one of the volleyball games.

One of our high school teachers meeting Jachin, our friends' new foster son.

Volleyball ref standing on a desk to officiate a game....I was amazed that the refs didn't fall or break the desks! I'm always too scared to stand on our desks.

Some cute paragraphs about Despereaux that two of my students wrote.

Update of the "Story Building" competitions. Four of the students have read and completed at least 13 chapter books and book reports. The yellow squares represent the second round of books they have read--the lights are turning on in the building of stories!

Some autumn and thanksgiving books in our classroom library...


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