Saturday, August 3, 2013

Thought He'd Be Here

Though he'd be here by now. I was really hoping for another July baby, though the due date is August 6.
Wishful thinking, I suppose!
It was a 'mind over matter' mentality. I thought that if I was spatially prepared with nesting, and mentally prepared for delivery in July....the baby would just pop out before August.

Dang. It's August 2, and no signs of an early appearance. Willow was 5-7 days early (depending which due date you use--she had two). But now I'm four days away from this little guy's due date and starting to feel desperation set in. "Am I ever going to have this baby?!" I think that all the time. But then, I also am preoccupied with thoughts for his safety. I'm trying to be content with the timing of things, to be patient with all this anticipation and discomfort. I just want this baby to be here, healthy and happy. 

Some pics from nesting this past week. Changing table is stocked and ready to go. Clothes are washed and organized...not just for the first few weeks, but for the next two years. Hospital bag is packed. 

Willow's imagination station. Here is her 'restaurant'.
She likes to set the table, pretend to cook, and pray before she eats.
She's also pretty desperate for some customers--so if you want to play with a two year old...come on over.

Realized that I never posted the finished product. This is the baby's blanket I made several weeks ago. Not the best pictures, but you can kind of see what it looks like. 

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