Sunday, August 4, 2013

First Official Hair Cut can tell by Willow's little face and her hands that she is very nervous and worried about her first hair cut in a salon. My Aunt, also gave me my first hair cut when I was little.

Prior to Willow's haircut, she had watched Adam get a trim. That was very traumatizing to her for some reason. I think she thought that haircuts were painful. She needed plenty of reassurance during Adam's entire hair cut. Every time a buzzer turned off, or my Aunt changed combs or picked up a spray--Willow was cheering "All done!!!" because she was hoping that the ordeal was over. Then, my bangs were quickly trimmed. Finally, Willow was sat in this extra tall chair and awaited her fate with dread.

Things looked up pretty fast after she was given a fruit punch flavored sucker. After that, she was almost okay with the hair cut concept. She is still talking about getting a hair cut, ten days later. It really made an impression on her memory. She also wanted to hold my hand almost the entire time. She never cried or threw a tantrum. She put on such a brave face; Adam and I were very proud of her courage. Afterwards, she verbally processed her hair cut as much as she could. It was pretty priceless! 

I suppose, she also felt a need to wear a hood. Maybe because it was raining. Maybe because she has a mullet. I don't know which. It didn't really matter. All that matters was that she was a trooper, and she ate a sucker for the first time without gagging and throwing up. Some pretty significant milestones in our two-year-old's life!

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