Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Stuff

It feels like we're just bleeding money. This seems to happen every time we're in America. Not to be misunderstood: we are receiving so many gifts, so many free meals, so many generous blessings of money---everything has been wonderful and unexpected and we are humbled by others' willingness to bless us.

Still...we are making quite a few purchases. Quite a few necessary purchases. Including this double stroller. I see this stroller as my ticket out of the apartment. This is my assurance that I wont be housebound with two kids in China. If the second baby is anything like the first, I wont be able to carry him for very long distances. Add to that, the concern of Willow darting into traffic while I'm holding said-behemoth. Add to that, possible groceries, diaper bags, etc.....A stroller was needed!

The great thing about the Combi Twin Savvy Stroller:
1. We can travel internationally with it; and use it in the airports. It is one of the only strollers on the market that is able to be carried on to a plane. Meaning: we will most likely NOT have to check-it at the ticket counter (thereby increasing our flight costs) and have to worry about it getting broken through all the baggage chaos that our suitcases barely survive.

2. Each seat can carry a substantial weight. I'm hoping that this stroller will last us two years in China. We love China, but the streets and sidewalks have not been forgiving to our other stroller. 

3. Each seat is also outfitted to carry newborns, with comfy confines and a five point harness.
4. Supposedly, it can fit through most doors. It's not too wide or cumbersome (hence why it's allowed on planes as one of your carry-ons is because of it's light weight and small dimensions).

What I don't like about the stroller: 
1. The wheels. I'm worried they wont stand up to the stewardesses shoving it onto the plane, or the rough Chinese roads and sidewalks, especially at the airport which is probably still under construction in the parking lot area. Totally wrecked our last stroller there. 

2. No cup holders for kids or mom. Baskets are too small. Umbrellas will not give as much shade or protection as they ought. 

But I'm okay with these cons. I see myself using it by the river, to get from one apartment to the next in our complex, for walks when I'm losing my sanity, and to go the various parks so Willow can expend some energy. It's not really for long trips to markets, or crazy walks down San Hao Jie. I don't see myself getting in a taxi by myself, with two kids, and no other adult help...especially with a stroller to collapse and pack into a trunk on my own. But I think it will help us to get out and get around to play dates and the fruit market. It will definitely save my back some pain. I just hope it will last!

Here's some pictures of Willow enjoying a birthday present---a new coloring book!

Enjoying the cultural experience of America: snapping and canning beans with Grandma Johnson. Which reminds me...Adam taught Willow over a series of days how to say and identify the difference between soy bean fields, corn fields, and wheat fields.

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