Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lincoln Park Zoo

Finally posting some pictures from our trip to the Zoo. I really wanted Willow to go to a zoo while we were in America, especially since the option in Shenyang isn't exactly a humane place. It was a lot of fun spend a little more time in the city and visit a place where I used to go very often with the little girl that I once watched in the Gold Coast area. 

Adam, Willow, Grandma Johnson, Great Grandma Koedyker, Aunt Erica, Aunt Hannah, Hannah's friends--Michelle and her son Logan--and myself all made it out to the Lincoln Park Zoo together. It was a hot day, but not too bad considering how hot it had been the previous few days. 

After we arrived, we stopped at the restrooms. Willow at a banana, and then checked out her new friend, Logan.

Then we started to walk around.

Saw some ginormous cats.

Checked out the toys in a gift shop.

Saw naked mole rats and otters

And a sea lion too!

Stopped for lunch, to eat in the shade. Willow, wearing some of her birthday presents. Cute outfit is from her Aunt Erica, and the new crocs Grandma Johnson bought for her.

Adam, Hannah, and Willow waiting for their food.

Lincoln Park Zoo had a lot of big top tents set up in the open areas. Maybe because of the sweltering heat wave that Chicago has been experiencing, because I never remember them setting up tents there before. Or maybe there had been some sort of event going on.

I ate...a corndog! Add this to the list of things I wont normally eat...all because I live in China where corn dogs do not exist.

W is for Willow!

See Adam and Willow in the distance? 

Waiting for the gorillas to come out

I love you, Chicago.

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