Sunday, July 15, 2012

Birthday Breakfast

With the Kang Family 

Willow's first birthday transpired while we were in the United States--which was perfect! This meant we could celebrate with our families. Willow had two birthday parties. The first one was held at eight o'clock in the morning due to Willow's jet lag schedule. I woke up early to decorate, finish the banner that Emma worked so hard on, and prepare breakfast. My parents also cooked, and Adam ran to the grocery store for some roses and yogurt. Adam cut up fruit, my dad made sausage, and my mom fried potatoes. Willow's Kang Uncles were really good and woke up for her early party, even though they stayed up late playing computer games. Emma was exhausted from crafting till the wee hours. Thanks for helping with everything, family!
Picture timeline of Willow's first year 

Disclaimer: These pictures are going to be very much out of order. But I do not feel like trying to organize them, since that is tricky to do once they are in the post format (especially because there are so many--something I should also apologize for). Just couldn't decide which pictures to include, so you have a lot of so-so pictures and a few cute ones. 

Adam, looking at the pictures

My mom made a bunch of cute cake pops. She got creative and used chopsticks after she ran out of the cake-pop sticks. She displayed them in flower pots and vases. 

After breakfast, Willow watched Sesame Street with Tommy

Summer in America = getting spoiled by grandparents. Willow has had a ton of sugary foods (including  Lucky Charm cereal, as evidenced in this picture) that I would normally not allow her to eat. 

Of course, she loved it

This picture makes me laugh. So funny! 

What a little goof! 

Our little duckling is 1!

Ever fascinated by light switches
Gift time! We waited for Emma to wake up from her nap, and then Willow took a nap....finally, everyone was awake at the same time and we quickly opened Willow's presents. See the cute Hungry Caterpillar Card my mom made with buttons?

Cake time....since we only had cake pops, it was a little interesting blowing out the candle.

Happy Birthday to you! 


She waited her whole life for this moment. 

Choosing her destiny. An Asian first birthday tradition. 

Dressing up in my old hombok; another Korean first birthday tradition. 

Since it was so hot indoors, we didn't make her wear it for very long. I'm sure she was grateful. 

Choosing her future. 

I suppose she prefers money to these other objects. She did not hesitate in her selection. 

Party Preparations

Above: making the banner out of fabric
Below: making the cake pops in the cool of the evening

Tommy: preparing for tutoring (he is the tutor)
Emma: helping me cut out stencils. 

Print stencils. Cut stencils out. Trace stencils onto fabric. Cut out fabric letters. Pin letters onto pennant banner pieces, then sew into place. Sew all the banner pieces together using a ribbon. 

Willow's family tree. I had her Johnson and Kang family members "leaf their thumbprint" on the tree, along with their name. It looks very cute right now, and I will frame it when we get back to China. 

The cute cake pops that my mom made

The happy birthday banner that Emma and I made. Unfortunately, we forgot an  'L'. Oops. 

More Pictures of Breakfast 

Berries for our yogurt parfaits

Overall, it was a lovely breakfast, with yummy food, and a great little girl to celebrate with! We love you, Willow Rose!

Still more birthday posts/pictures to come!

AND....I STILL need to write about Willow's one year old developments.


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  1. Your family is so awesome. I love the cake pops and the crafts. And the Korean traditions. Happy Birthday Willow.