Monday, July 23, 2012

A Taste of America

Here are more pictures from our time in Momence. Willow was thoroughly spoiled during our ten day visit. She learned a few new tricks from her time on the farm:

--She pants like a dog when you say, "what does a dog/puppy say?" 
--She perks up/gets her shoes if you ask her, "do you want to go on a ride?"

She was pretty brave with the dogs from the outset. Later, she learned to be a little anxious around them. Towards the end, she was finally getting used to their ways. 

She ate a lot of different kinds of food, both healthy and...not so healthy. She liked cheesecake, cupcakes, ice cream, and blueberry buckle. As well as freshly picked blueberries, green beans, and sweet corn. She enjoyed trying new food--she is such a good eater! She doesn't prefer mashed potatoes (probably too similar to rice cereal in texture), but other than that, she'll beg for and eat almost anything. 

After her first birthday party at the Johnson's, Willow played outside with Adam, Grand Dude and the puppies. This was her actual birthday--so I suppose these are the first pictures of Willow as of completing her first lap around the sun. 

Calling for the dogs to come. Willow was obsessed with greeting Jake and Elwood at the door. The first thing she would do in the morning when we would get her out of the crib was pant like a dog!

Playing to her heart's content.

As part of her birthday present, Willow's grandma brought her to Striderite to buy some fancy shoes for Willow. As previously expressed on this blog, Willow has incredibly chubby feet. On that day, Willow went from owning only one pair of Chinese sandals, to four pairs of nice shoes--one for each of the approaching seasons! Whoa! What a blessing! She sales lady measured her feet, she is currently 5.5 extra wide.

As soon as Willow had on a pair of shoes, she high-tailed it to the door. Apparently, a lot of kids do this, since they think it's time to go when their shoes are put on. With her new pink crocs, brown leather shoes, white sneakers, and brown boots for winter---we wandered the mall. Willow played in a little play place that was in the mall's courtyard for a while. She enjoys seeing other kids around her age, and is an observer. I'm sure as her social skills develop, she will be very interested in making friends wherever she goes!

Sorry the picture is blurry, but this image cracks me up! Some of the toddlers and pre-schoolers that were also at this play place where really interested in Willow. 

Willow has no fear of approaching strangers--this is probably due to living in China--she was talking to those two ladies, after finishing introducing herself to the lady in the black shirt. 

Adam, husking sweet corn. The sweet corn we ate at his parent's house was so good! The second your teeth sink into the kernels, it's instant joy. Adam is somewhat of a corn snob as a result of growing up with great sweet corn and refuses to eat the corn in Shenyang. He calls it, "field corn" and it's meant for cows or something.

Willow, looking outside with longing. Oh well, off to play with grand dude.

Willow's first experience with sweet corn. She loved it! This cob wasn't even cooked--just freshly picked/husked. She loved it! It's that good.

Now, onto other things. Going to take a shower, repack our carry-on luggage, and then head to our gate. Yes, I'm posting from the hotel room--awaiting our return to Shenyang. Already MISSING American food. But mostly, our American family.


  1. I love that the dogs' names are Jake and Elwood. Also, Willow is such a little girl now! She's at the most perfect age, and I imagine that she is a HOOT. I love the pics of her at the mall, making friends wherever she goes.

  2. Willow with the handbag is really cute.