Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Willow's First Week in China

,Willow's new toys; her fun rain forest themed bouncy seat that the 3rd graders gave to her last school year. It plays twelve difference songs and makes lots of sounds/lights. Pretty fancy!

Her little play mat; we just set it up the other day and she loves it. Willow goes crazy, kicking and pumping her arms as fast as she can. She is intrigued by those hanging toys. The creepiest one is an owl, but she seems to like it.

There's the creepy owl on the right. It lights up and plays music, but it looks more like a flying monkey from the Wizard of Oz to me.

Staring at her owl...a little obsessed with the owl.

Checking out the musical monkey.

Emma is her #1 playmate.

Willow even likes Emma's hair.

Emma and Willow at Starbucks in Shenyang for the first time. We met a couple at Starbucks who looked Chinese but were from the USA. They recently had a baby as well and were sharing similar experiences such as traveling with newborns.

After having nice American diapers, it's been a little bit of a transition adjusting to what China has. Willow has a blowout experience almost every time she fills her diaper now (too much information?) which is really annoying.


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