Monday, August 8, 2011

Before we leave...

1. Take Willow's passport picture
2. Obtain Willow's passport this week
3. Get visas for Willow, Emma, and my Mom
4. Hair cut
5. Grocery shopping
6. Visit my grandparents in Wisconsin
7. Sort out the insurance issues
8. Post-natal appointment
9. Willow's check-up
10. Pack enormous amounts of baby clothes/gear
11. Finish Willow's baby blanket
12. Start Willow's scrap book
13. Finish writing and mail thank you notes
14. Finish reading this year's script

Departing for Shenyang on August 22.
Starting to feel like I'm not teaching 3rd grade after all. I've been removed from the faculty email list. This is for real. I'm a stay at home mom.


What will I do to stay busy?


  1. Willow's eyes are getting larger. Definitely not Asian eyes anymore.

  2. Are you really asking what you'll do? That made me laugh out loud ;-)

    I think you'll love being a mom!!

  3. Haha, Heather. I guess I'm not really asking whether or not I'll have something to do, but just what life will be like now.

  4. The beginning was so nice and peaceful. Since Maddy napped so much I had huge amounts of my day to sit and read. When Jachin came it got a little more hectic. Now Maddy is at one nap a day and it is for like 3 hours. I am loving it. I thought I would be so bored but I had tons to do and time to do it. I wish the same for you :-)