Monday, August 15, 2011

jinju harmonee

Willow got to meet her Korean great-grandmother....Harmonee is the reason Willow has any Asian genes at all. These pictures are unedited, so some might be a bit dark.

So sweet! She loved Willow! We're still waiting for her to give Willow a Korean name.

Brad noticed that Hadabogee's blanket was taken from a Korean Air plane.

Brad, Tommy, Katrina, and Emma went on a long bike ride and got stuck in a rain storm--they came back soaked through and cold to the bone.

Bright eyed baby girl!

Uncle Tom is good with babies.

Aunt Sandi drove down for another visit! Thanks for sacrificing so much of your time this summer for visits!

Harmonee and Willow taking a nap together! They both need a lot of rest.

Adam getting to see Willow on Skype.

Making kimbop together.

Lots and lots of my grandparents hundreds upon hundreds of figurines.

We had great weather this weekend--it was comfortable (in the 70's or 80's) temperatures finally. After having such an intolerably hot and humid summer, it felt wonderful.

Willow likes to swing on the porch.

Willow's mini photo shoot with the lawn ornaments.

Scared of the leopard.

Those blue balls hanging from that vine-thing are spray painted baseballs. Oh, Hadabogee.

Willow did a great job in the car ride there and back again. She had a little bit of screaming time, but slept for most of the time. I hope she is this easy while traveling by plane!


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  1. Hello, by any chance would you be willing to sell the Korean Air Blanket? I got one when I was 3 and slept with it everyday until I was 14 because I lost it while traveling to Japan. It meant a lot to me and it is very hard to find another one nowadays. If you are interested please email me at Happy holidays!