Sunday, March 13, 2011

What's on the Agenda...

Now that "Treasure Island" is finished, life is slowing down considerably....not!

Actually, now I feel like I have the time to start concentrating on other important events--like getting our apartment ready, the birth of our baby, and handing over my classroom.

We need to buy our plane tickets. We're leaving in mid-May (hopefully)--which is just around the corner--but our ticket order is a little complicated because of my due date. I've heard that it takes about 10 days to get a birth certificate. I can't apply for our baby's passport until he/she has a birth certificate. I can't apply for our child's Chinese visa until he/she has a passport. If the baby comes when he/she is supposed to, that gives us less than 3 weeks to run through these troublesome paperwork hoops. What will hopefully happen: Adam and I will leave Shenyang together, but Adam with a round trip ticket and me with a one way ticket. During the summer, we will buy my return ticket along with my mom's and Emma's tickets. Adam will return to Shenyang beginning of August, and I will return a week or two later--just in case. Canceling or rescheduling tickets can sometimes cause fines or tickets that will not be reimbursed.

My classroom is basically ready to hand off. There are some documents I want to finish making. There is some major filing cabinet organization that needs to happen. There is some collecting of personal items that will need to be done. And lesson plans for maternity leave that will need to be planned...but it's basically ready to hand off.

Our apartment. Oh brother. There's a lot of work that needs to be done here. Getting ready for our baby, cleaning out the cluttered corners that we will need to utilize, getting our guest room prepared for guests. Lots of little odds and ends jobs that should be done to make life and transitions easier in August. I just have to make sure that everything is as ready as possible by the time we leave for America in May. This includes organizing, shopping, and rearranging every nook and cranny basically. I'm so thankful I was able to get reimbursed for "Treasure Island" expenses this year! What a relief!

Right now, I'm trying to clean every surface that Adam has touched in the past few days. He's been sick with the stomach flu/fever since Thursday and I do not want to catch his illness! I'm trying very hard to keep germ free and healthy. Poor Adam--he's very bored of sitting around in order to recover. He's watched lots of Hogans Heroes, and has been reading a WWII history book written by Churchill.

What am I avoiding at this moment? Grocery shopping. I haven't grocery shopped in months. At first, it was because of morning sickness/fatigue. Then it was because I was too busy with Treasure Island, and too tired to shop for food. But we have absolutely no food in our house. We were supposed to grocery shop last weekend, but never made it to the store. I don't know how we survived a whole week with no food, but we were creative. Now it's absolutely necessary that I head to the store with a massive list. I procrastinated by doing loads of house work, but I should really go soon so that I will have time to work on my pile of language arts grading. I just dislike grocery shopping in general. Having to go out in the cold, catch a taxi, fight the crowds, try to find what we need, stand in long lines with pushy people, fight off the people who want your receipts, find another taxi while holding heavy bags, fight for taxis, fight with taxi drivers, walk home, unpack.....ugh. I hate the whole process. It's almost not worth it.

Off I go!

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