Sunday, March 20, 2011


If you've been keeping up with my updates, then you know that quarter 3 ended on Friday. Thankfully, we have a few extra days to submit all grades and comments before report cards are printed and distributed.

After Treasure Island was finished, I devoted myself to catching up with grading--about a month's worth of tests, quizzes, mindless worksheets, essays, projects, and endless workbooks/journals. I had basically caught up in all subject areas by Friday....but I have barely touched language arts. 62 x 8. Whatever answer you come up with, that's how many language arts assignments I have to grade. I'm not even going to mention their science journals.

Sometime soon I hope to blog about when Adam visited the frozen waterfalls outside our city. I would have gone, except we had rehearsal at the same time.

Last night I had a dream that we had more "Treasure Island" performances to do, and I couldn't find the materials I needed my subs to do for "Charlotte's Web" and then one of the actors called in sick and I was desperately trying to convince the administration that we needed to cancel the performance. What a random and out of place dream!

Adam is at the international fellowship right now, listening to a friend share. I would have gone too, except I needed to use our computer for grading. Ok. Break time is finished.


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