Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hot Pot & Turtles

Tonight, Adam and I went out with some friends in our community to celebrate another friend's birthday. We were happy to try out a new restaurant and celebrate the beautiful life of our friend!

We went out to a interesting and nice hot pot restaurant. What is hot pot? Boiling broth, usually spicy or blandly flavored, that sits on some kind of burner system on the table. You order vegetables and meat that is brought to your table hot. You cook the food in the broth and then eat it. Sometimes there are sauces and garnishes to go along with it. Tofu noodles, or egg noodles too. Everything is done with your chopsticks, or maybe a ladle if the food is too slippery.

I wish that I had had the forethought to have someone take a picture of Adam and I. Oh well. Here's some of our dear, Shenyang friends! :)

Maddy is such a cutie! She smiled on cue for the camera! :)
The waitresses at this restaurant were a little aggressive in their desire to help with the kids. They wanted to play with the kids and feed the kids....very interesting.

Adam's little set-up.

Now for a few very blurry pictures. The man in white is twirling dough around to make noodles for us. We have a few videos, and I'm trying to post them on facebook--so you can check out his kung fu noodle dance on my profile.

Amber's birthday gift for Rachael included a small, and very much alive, turtle. It's very active and miniature. Adam almost dropped it on the floor later on that night when we were sitting at Starbucks! Oh brother...

I'm so full, I could burst! It's an unusually late night at our apartment tonight. I've been trying to upload pictures and videos, and Adam is playing is 360. Tomorrow, we're going to the international fellowship in our city to hear a friend deliver the message. Lot's of 3rd quarter grading and comments to finish for report cards. I wish weekends had several extra hours to spare. They just fly by so quickly!


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