Friday, June 11, 2010

TVaholics Anonymous...sort of

In the winter months, when its thirty below outside and pitch black by five o'clock, what should one do? Perhaps read a book, put together a puzzle, do some household chores, or maybe play games.

But all those things take energy, which I did not have after teaching all day, going to meetings, and carrying out all those drama director jobs that were endless.

So, I watched TV instead. Here is a list of all the TV shows that I have watched since coming to Shenyang. I hate to admit to this list because it horrifies me. I actually don't like watching TV, but somehow I got sucked into the tube's spell. Next winter, I would like to lessen my TV intake. There are so many better things that I could be doing, and as you'll read in a moment, I've had enough TV for a life time. Remember, this is a list of just the TV shows I've seen since October-ish. I have no idea how many movies there have been.

1. Project Runway: seasons 1-5
2. Friends: season 1-10 (lots of repeats too)
3. The Office: seasons 1-6 (definitely watched season 1-5 at least twice)
4. House: seasons 1-4
5. How I Met Your Mother: seasons 1-5
6. Foyle's War: seasons 1-2 (this is a great show that I actually recommend!)
7. Seinfeld: various episodes
8. Family Guy: various episodes
9: 24: seasons 1-3 (and a little of 4, but couldn't stand it anymore)
10. The Unit: season 1
11. Felicity: seasons 1-2
12. NCIS: seasons 1-7 (like this one a lot)
13. Lost in Austen: season 1
14. Chuck: seasons 1-3 (favorite!)

Ok--this is more embarrassing than I thought it would be! I guess once its all written out, you see how terrible it really is.

One thing that has happened because of the TV addiction is you start to realize that how many actors who play bit parts are recognizable because you've seen them in other shows. This is why is a great website if you are glued to the tele.

Needless to say, many breaks and cold winter evenings were spent in front of our big, old school TV. Some of it was funny, some of it was stupid, and a lot of it was a waste of time. My brain is MUSH! There are so many excuses that I could offer--like how cold it is outside, how we don't have English TV, how dvds are insanely cheap here, how its such a temptation to just relax after school, how easy it is to procrastinate....But nothing is really good enough. Oh well. Now you can all laugh at Adam and I! :)

Kids, stop watching TV and get outside.


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  1. hehe. I have watched more television in the last year than any other year. hehe