Thursday, June 17, 2010

Notes to Self

Here are some thoughts that I have...uh...thought...recently about what I would like to try and do differently next year in my second year of teaching.

1. Give myself a break during reading units--do NOT do more work than the students.
2. Require more writing towards the beginning of the year and focus on developing strong writing strategies.
3. Conduct more small group research projects in science, social studies, and language arts--they can be a lot of fun!
4. Fine tune the math notebook situation...actually, change it completely!
5. Make sure that math is graded daily in a consistent way by one person--have good meetings with my TI to make sure that she understands exactly how every aspect should be done--from take fractions of points away, to factoring in English support, and how to mark a problem if it is incorrect.
6. Create an even MORE comfy classroom with lots of book nooks and places for small groups to work....somehow....despite seas of desks
7. Be better/more disciplined about one-on-one reading and writing conferences
8. Start consequence letters at the beginning of the year
9. Get parents' email addresses at Open House, even if they don't speak English
10. Conduct a better organized Open House--be extremely straight to the point!
11. Improve on parent-teacher communication at least one more notch--maybe send monthly newsletters along with our usual weekly tiger tips.
12. Be extremely clear and strict about classroom and school policies from the start
13. Start the no-talking during morning work policy immediately :)
14. Find more ways to include positive reinforcement
15. Squeeze in a bit more guided reading
16. Have as much ready as far in advance as possible
17. Be a teacher first, always
18. Delegate, delegate, delegate
19. Avoid advance vouchers like the plague
20. Find ways to improve upon some social studies units
21. Change the sequence of language arts units
22. Enforce desk organizational skills like there's no tomorrow


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