Saturday, March 8, 2014

five, six, seven

The problem with being behind on these types of posts, is that I have trouble remembering what was happening two months ago. I guess it defeats the purpose of writing these posts, since I will be unable to write much about Noah's development. 

Oh look, here's some text I wrote about Noah when he was five months old! Phew.

He started eating solid food towards the end of his fifth month, but like Willow, had some sort of allergic reaction to it. Lots of throwing up in a short amount of time, followed by complete exhaustion. It's very strange that both of my kids have reacted to rice cereal this way. The first several times he ate rice cereal he was completely fine, just like Willow. So weird. 

He does like to eat food, however. I'm just horrible about making sure he gets to eat some solid food everyday. I really need to get better about that. 

Noah started scooting hard-core around 6 months. It looks like he's swimming the butterfly stroke. He shows impressive strength with his version of crawling. Although, last night, he was crawling for real in pursuit of the vacuum cleaner. I guess machines are an adequate enticement for him. 

In February, Noah had his horrible hospital experience.
He also went in for his 6 month wellness check up.
He's 23 pounds, and in the 98 percentile for weight.
He's 26 inches long, and 50 percentile for height.

So: still short and fat.

He didn't cry for his vaccination, yet again. He's so tough! He had a little whimpering and a few tears when the nurse took the needle out of his leg, but that was all.

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Then Noah reached the grand number of 7 months! 
Yesterday, I was just in shock that my newborn baby boy was already seven months old. 
It feels like he was just born yesterday. 

I was thinking that he will be celebrating his first birthday soon. 

I wonder what it's like to be Noah? He is almost always happy, and he never seems to be discontent. 

"Thickness" is the nickname that Adam has given to Noah. 

The play group that my kids are a part of every Friday is growing! Yesterday, everyone was able to come, so there were four babies and four toddlers playing around (not present were three school-aged older siblings, and three babies in utero).

 This picture is significant because it is the first time all four babies have been in the same room together outside of the womb. There is a picture of all the moms together when we were still pregnant. There is a fifth baby as well, but he has moved to America with his family. 

One of the biggest updates about Noah so far in 2014 is that we finally received that 'okay' from our insurance company for Noah's DNA to be tested. A few weeks later, we received the gist of his results. On February 15, I opened an email from our genetic counselor that said Noah's micro array results returned as 'normal'. No syndromes were identified, and we'll be scheduling a follow-up appointment to go over the official results the next time we're in America! Praise the Lord that all the waiting is over and we can move forward with a better understanding of Noah's overall health. 

If you could hold Noah today, you would find him to be very smiley, chunky, and lovable.

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