Friday, February 1, 2013

Two Thirds

One-third completed...just about anyway. We're coming to the close of the first trimester, and I'm so glad that part of this pregnancy is over! I'm still exhausted, but I no longer am feeling the constant nausea and queasiness that once plagued me. No longer gagging at the slightest whiff of something, throwing up, or experiencing food aversion. So, we're headed in the right direction! Nap time is my favorite time of the day and I am so thankful that Willow is still taking an hour long nap in the afternoon.

Just like when I was pregnant with Willow, I receive weekly email updates from Baby Center. I'm always amazed at the development that is going on without any direct control on my part. I mean, I eat food, get rest, and take vitamins--but there's so much going on in this baby's life already! Fingers, eyelashes, billions of heart beats. Honestly, God is amazing in how He designed life. But, sometimes I freak myself out. There is another human being inside of me! How surreal is that. As you can see, there is a little baby bump. It's starting to get difficult to sleep on my stomach... :(

And how is Willow doing with all of this? She has no idea and would not be able to grasp the concept. But she is a budding perfectionist at the moment, and we're dealing with all sorts of lovely new traits that go along with a strong type-A personalty. If you have any advice for demanding, guilt-ridden, perfection loving 18-month-olds......PLEASE send them my way.

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