Thursday, December 8, 2011

Let's Eat, Baby!

Not to be confused with, "Let's eat baby". Punctuation is important.

Quite to our shock and happy surprise, Willow loved eating rice cereal for the first time. She was so eager and excited about finally getting some food from a spoon--it was precious. I think she has been watching us eat very closely lately and often tries to get what we are eating, if it's within her reach. For example, earlier in the day, she sat next to me and watched as I ate my lunch. She was very quiet and serious and never took her eyes off of my spoon! So, maybe she has some notions about what eating is like for non-babies. At any rate, Willow is continuously curious about food. She was so happy to have her own food spooned into her mouth, and she wanted to try it by herself as well. Willow wondered where the food was coming from, and would look for the bowl between mouth fulls.

Adam recorded Willow's first food experience, but then he pushed me aside so that he could try his hand at it. This was his first time feeding a baby and he did great! I guess what surprised me the most was the she ate everything. There was only a very little that didn't make it in her mouth (mostly the fault of her parent's), and so she gulped down nearly all of her serving! I expected lots of spitting and spluttering, so it was a pleasant surprise and I hope that it's a trend that will continue! We'll try some more tomorrow and see how it goes!

On a side note, it's amazing how she gained just about ten pounds in only five months by consuming only milk. Babies are cool.


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