Wednesday, December 7, 2011

5 Months...Check!

Five months behind us, and I can't believe how fast they've gone by. We've really done so much in that time frame when I think about it, but I feel like I'm in fast forward. Maybe that's just how life feels when you have a little baby. They grow so fast.

Today, Willow is five months old, although the date on the post is incorrect--I'm working in China time, but my blog posts in US time---I should fix that...
To list Willow's accomplishments would take forever. I think this is one of my favorite baby phases--they can do so much and are learning new things everyday, but there is no crawling/walking and still not too many opinions to have tantrums about.

I just wish Willow would sleep through the night consistently again!

Here's a little update on where she is developmentally:

-Doesn't like to be left alone or put down; wants to be held by dad or mom all the time
-Will cry if she can't get her favorite toy/book in her mouth
-Is scared of the vacuum cleaner
-Is amazed by the kitchen, the Christmas tree, bath time, and noisy toys
-Feels obsession for the toucan on her bouncy chair (still)
-Doesn't have complete control over her emotional state--so lots of mood swings

-An observer of groups of people and crowds; she is very serious in those situations
-Likes to be home the best; you can see a definite change in her behavior the minute we return home (likes to play, eat, and sleep best at home too)
-Plays "shy" with people (smiles, sticks her tongue out, and then hides her face)
-Isn't scared of all the strange Chinese women that are always coming up to her
-Likes to smile at taxi drivers, neighbors, market vendors, etc.
-Very curious and observant wherever we go
-Likes looking at the "other baby in the mirror"

-17 pounds and 3 ounces as of last week
-Likes to practice taking little steps around the house
-Stands on her tippy-toes (Pediatrician says it's because she wants to walk...maybe)
-Tries to pull herself up on her own using furniture (hasn't been successful yet)
-Lunges for objects
-Gets on all fours by herself and also moves between her knees and feet while in the crawling position
-rolls over in all directions
-scoots relentlessly forwards and backwards, especially while in her crib
-Obsessed with sticking her tongue out
-Still talking, usually when no one else is and its quiet
-Blows bubbles and raspberries
-Laughs when we play with her (especially at her dad), and is beginning to feel ticklish
-Sits up very well for long periods of times, can balance herself, but still topples over when she gets too excited
-Likes to sit by her toy basket and pull toys out
-Feels the need to put everything in her mouth
-Extremely interested in anything electronic (ipad, computers, phones, remotes, etc.)
-Learning how to play in the bath tub, and very curious about the cup we use to wash her hair

Somethings She's Working On:
-Tummy time/learning how to scoot/crawl
-Improving balance while sitting
-Waving goodbye to people when we leave
-Reading books (not really interested in this yet)
-Drinking from a cup
-Picking toys up after dropping them
-Clapping hands
-A few new teeth coming soon
-Brushing the two teeth she already has! :)

Recently, I've noticed that's getting to big for her toys (bouncy chair, play mat, swing). She's either literally too big, or just 'over it'. It's no longer entertaining to lay on one's back and swat at toys. The other day, I sat her next to her basket of toys and she went wild. Now it's one of her favorite things to do; rifle through the toys and practice picking them up--of course everything must go into her mouth for a taste test.

She heard the shutter sound on my camera and turned around to see what was happening.

Yesterday, she noticed Adam had a band-aid on one of his fingers (he hurt it at school early that day while cutting out paper snow flakes. lol). I think she is very observant to notice little details like that. She was trying to figure out what it was.

Another new fascination is this cloth book. It was given to us at her first baby shower, but she hasn't ever played with it. It's Chinese, so some of the illustrations are interesting, but Willow loves the interactive features.

It captures her attention for a good ten minutes at a time--which is remarkable since her attention span is very limited. I like that it's cloth and she can't bang herself in the head/mouth while trying to eat it. It makes sounds, has removable pieces, and some different textures.

Willow likes to talk on skype (sort of) when she's in the mood to look at the faces on the ipad. She is becoming more aware of what's around her (looking for the source of sounds, etc.), and really likes it when Adam gets home from work.

Lately, Willow has been having trouble sleeping through the night. I'm so tired of waking up throughout the night, but she usually needs help getting out of a corner that she's jammed herself in or getting covered back up because she's so cold, or getting her nose cleaned because she's still a little sick. But, then she's just a happy girl in the morning, so I shouldn't complain. Yesterday she didn't nap all morning (because we were out) and I was exhausted! I will one day look back on these days with fuzzy feelings--so I'm trying to cherish them in the moment as well!

I'm working on her baby book and having fun with that. It's like a home made/scrap book version of a traditional baby book. I hope that she will enjoy looking at it in the years to come.

Willow, we love you more than ever and are so proud of you! We love your giggles and how happy you are to see us every time you wake up. We think your personality is so silly. When we play the game "I'm...Going...To...Get you!", you start to get us instead! So silly! You try to take your diaper off on the changing table, and you are always so cuddly. You're the best!


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