Friday, February 4, 2011

Thanks, Lauren!

Last year, one of the most stressful jobs for me in pulling "Secret Garden" together, was looking for all the props we needed. Some had to be made, others were bought, and some were borrowed. It's not very easy to find period props around our city, where there are no thrift stores, second hand shops, or antique places around. A much different strategy is needed, and it exhausted me! This year we are working on a production of "Treasure Island" and there are a lot of props and fake weapons to buy.

My good friend Lauren has been a hero--she came on board as the prop finder and she has done a great job! She has committed herself to working the crazy market scenes on the weekends and accumulating random weapons during the week on China's version of Ebay. She has organized our prop room and made it easy for all the 28 students to find and put their props away quickly. I could definitely not do this without her! She's saving this tired, crazy lady a lot of stress in the prop division!

Lauren hard at work, bargaining at Wu Ai.


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