Monday, September 22, 2014

Frozen Birthday Party

Decorations were as inexpensive as possible. My brother brought the snowflakes from America, so I didn't have to cut anything up. I bought lace and fabric at the Fabric Market. We poured sugar in vases and placed figurines inside as well. We printed off free banner printables and hung those as well. 

I really am serious about blogging again. Why is it so impossible to find the time? So...I've been meaning to blog about Willow's 3rd birthday party--which was three months ago! Finally, finally, finally, I am staying up late to do so. During the first half of 2014, Willow was incredibly obsessed with Frozen. It seemed natural to throw her a Frozen themed birthday party. Here are some pictures from the dessert table. Later, I will post more pictures from the photo booth and candid shots taken by a friend during the party!  

The first decision that had to be made regarding Willow's birthday party was when it should be held. If we waited until her actual birthday, most of her friends would be out of the country for summer break. If we waited until they all returned, it would be a hectic time since school would be resuming and everyone would be very busy with that. So, we decided to have her birthday a month early. This way, most of her friends were able to attend. As we would later discover, it was a good thing the party was in June--since we were unknowingly destined to be in America from the end of June until the beginning of August. If we had scheduled the party for July, we would have had to cancel it. 

The invitation I made for Willow's birthday party 

The cake decorations were a spur of the moment thing. I had these lofty plans originally, but when I couldn't find a vital ingredient in time, ideas needed to change. So, as I was frosting the cake, I decided to use some Frozen toys, paper snowflakes I had in my scrap booking cupboard, and marshmallows to make Willow's cake more Elsa/Anna themed. There were also sprinkles involved, and the frosting was a wonderfully sweet and fluffy buttercream. 
We worked so hard making everything 'just right'. I turned my back for one minute, and that was long enough for Willow to finish decorating her cake. She thought that her addition of Olaf-on-his-face was awesome and was completely proud. I had trouble knowing how to react. Laugh? Cry? Correct? Leave it? Remove it? Stand it up? 
Served on the dessert table: carrot sticks and ranch, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, snowflake sugar cookies, blue jello with whipped cream, white chocolate pocky sticks, white cake, cupcakes, chocolate dipped marshmallows, chocolate covered strawberries, ice candies, blue sprite, and melted snowmen (water). 
The laden dessert table would not have been possible without a lot of help from friends who came to help bake and decorate. Thank you, ladies! Yet another advantage to celebrating Willow's birthday in June was the fact that Brad was still visiting us. So Uncle Brad was able to represent Willow's extended family. He was also a huge help in decorating, setting up, taking care of the kids while I worked, and cleaning up. He is the guy responsible for the cute photo booth props and the pin the nose on Olaf poster. It helps to have a resident artist who knows how to use photoshop.

There is very little I can take credit for in this party. My friends helped with decorating and baking. My brother hauled supplies to me from the States. My husband blew up the balloons. Pinterest lent me some cute ideas and inspiration, as well as free printables...But I DID bake and frost the cake. So I will bask in the knowledge that even in China, I can bake something in a tiny toaster oven and use imported ingredients that are hordes year round, so that my daughter can blow out three candles on a proper birthday cake.

I didn't have a cake decorating set at the time, so the cupcakes looked a little strange...

While we waited for all the guests to arrive, we listened to Frozen music and the kids could make reindeer antler crowns or Elsa/Anna tiaras. Besides eating way too much sugar, party activities included a wintry photo booth, pin the carrot nose on Olaf, and a snowball toss game. After the kids were hyped up on sugar, Willow opened her gifts and read her cards. Then, we let the kids loose outside and played at the Aqu playground until dinner time. 

I thought the "Wanna build a Snowmen" kits were a brilliant idea I snatched from someone on Pinterest. Marshmallows, chocolate chips, orange mints, and pocky sticks. 
During Willow's party, I had a friend take pictures so that I didn't have to worry about 'capturing the moment'. I could simply concentrate on hosting, and had the ability to more closely observe Willow enjoy her special day. I think 90 minutes was long enough to hit all the compulsory components to a little girl's birthday party without overly draining her in the emotional department. Every day, I look at Willow and wonder in disbelief that she is three years old! I can hardly remember what it was like to live without Willow--she adds a lot of drama and sparkle to my life and I look forward to many more birthdays celebrating her life. 

Speaking of which....I wonder what Willow's 4th birthday party will look like? 

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  1. I love it, Julie! What a wonderful birthday for Willow! And I think that Olaf on his face was the perfect addition. Haha:-). That made me laugh really hard:-).