Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Month of November

The month of November is awesome because the heat---supposedly---turns on the first day of November. Our government controlled radiators are only a little warm this year--they are old and need some serious work or replacement--and only some are actually working. But those that are warm are definitely warm now...though it's November 10th.

November 7, Noah turned 3 months.
November 8, Willow turned 4 months + 2 years
November 15, which is coming up, is Adam's 27th birthday

Yesterday, we were able to skype with family who was gathered for Emma's birthday. It was fun to watch her open presents (including a new bed--which she needed because no one knows how old the mattress she used to sleep on actually was), laugh over youtube videos, and since happy birthday to her. I can't believe she's 15! 

These pictures were from a few nights ago when we went outside at dusk. The pictures aren't the most impressive since it was VERY dark. I turned the ISO up and tried to get Willow and her friends in focus. What an IMPOSSIBLE task since they were non-stop movement. I also got a few cute pictures of Noah for his mini-three-month-photo-shoot. But I'll post those separately.

Willow, with her Buzz Lightyear and Woody action figures. She's pretty attached to them.
Noah, chilling in the double-stroller. It was a COLD night, maybe below freezing by the time the sun had fully set.

The little girls on the right are siblings. They are also bi-racial; not to mention super cute and intelligent. The four of these kids (below) together are all approximately a year apart. Ages 3, 2, 1, and 3 months old! It's fun to have little friends! The little girls are part of the play group that Willow and Noah are in.

These are all varying stages of blurry-ness, but I think their expressions are fun!

The cool blue of twilight.

The San Hao bridge outside of our complex. Seeing the moon, without smog, seems rare these days!

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