Wednesday, May 1, 2013

21 Months

How it looked outside a few weeks ago. Now it's sunny and warm! Yay! I still haven't put our winter coats away yet because I feel like I can't trust the weather quite yet. 

Some pictures from when Willow was 21 months old. Now she's a few days away from completing 22 months. Craziness! Speaking of milestones....I can't remember how far along I am in this second pregnancy. My brain is fried!

Willow setting up her computer, her dad's computer, and the Ipad together.

Picking out her outfits is a new thing.
Wearing hoods as much as possible is also a new thing.

Sitting on a little shelf. Just her size, she thought.

Kind of blurry, but I thought it was so funny how she was posing for the camera. She is ever the high tech toddler and really wants to be able to take pictures and videos with our cameras.

Taking some of the decorations down and applying them as stickers. She was really proud of her destruction.

Her recent purchase that she's really happy about. 
These strawberry eyewear are fashion glasses--no lenses. 

Willow's gibberish is sounding more and more like English--I hear more and more distinguishable words everyday and her language patterns are improving. She has been a bit naughty this week, lots of whinging and tantrums. I feel like we go through cycles with this sort of behavior. The weather finally warmed up this week and she has been enjoying running around outside without her winter gear. She loves her 'coffee' (chocolate milk), new dollhouse, and new tricycle. She is still very attached to stuffed cat, and her two stuffed bunnies. Willow has no idea that she'll be on an airplane in less than three weeks! I hope she doesn't get motion sickness on the flights, since she has been throwing up in taxis lately.

Great face, Willow. 

I was going to write more, but I'm literally so tired and drained right now. We have two rehearsals left and then three performances, a cast party.....and then all the packing up to officially close Pygmalion. 

So close. So far. 

Willow is enjoying spending time with her Grandma Johnson who arrived five days ago. We've been very busy, it seems! I'm off to get a huge cup of coffee. And then off to school to finish some sets and props. Already finished a last minute emergency trip to Wu Ai (market) this morning to get more glue sticks, slippers for the play, and a handkerchief! 

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