Sunday, August 19, 2012

American Bucket List

I love lists. America needed a list. With less than three weeks to split between two families, and Willow's first birthday--we needed to make sure that we did as much as possible with the time we had. 

Naturally, we have a few categories. 

People to visit
Food to eat
Stuff to buy 
Things to do

We wanted to spend time with our families, of course. We got to eat lunch (at Panang! Oh! How I missed that place and their delicious noodles) with Victoria and Daniel, as they prepared to make the move from Germany to Africa. We got to see Lylli's baby bump and laugh at Wil's funny stories. We got to visit with Katie after work. I got to hang out with Kristin, Denise, Chelsey, Emily, Mary, Nicole, and many others too! Adam wanted to hang out with his life long pal, Mike. They headed out to Buffalo Wild Wings--which was like killing two birds with one stone!

Daniel, Victoria, and us at Panang! 
Now it's the end-ish of August, so it's hard to remember the beginning of July, but here are some things we did. Short-hand style.

  • Panang with the Meade's 
  • Applebee's with the Kangs 
  • Panera with Katie and Emma 
  • Pizza Hut with Denise 

  • Hair cut at my Aunt's salon 
  • Willow's 1 year vaccinations at the county clinic ($10 per shot) 
  • Willow's first pool experience 
  • Ate at some delicious Mexican restaurants 
  • Went out with Erica, Tim, and Katie 
  • Lincoln Park Zoo with friends and family 
  • Watched Little Women recording with the Kangs 

Emma and Willow at the 4th of July party 
Last day with Harabogee 

Visit with Luke who was working at a Wisconsin camp

  • Traditional dinner at the Minnie Monese Golf Course with the Johnsons + Hannah 
  • Chipotle Date 
  • Toys r Us for Willow 
  • Ate lots of favorite foods like sweet corn, salmon, homemade pizza, and steak
  • Gained ten pounds 
  • Willow's first tractor and atv rides 
  • Lots of Starbucks runs for white chocolate mochas 
  • Visited with Erica who flew in from out of town 
  • Visited with my dad who flew in from out of town 

Lincoln Park Zoo, family photo

  • Olive Garden Date
  • Many Breakfast's at Grandma V's during jet lag 
  • Target shopping for needed supplies 
  • Shopping at a few malls for clothes and shoes
  • Adam got to mow the sod field (first time in three years) 

Dressed up for dinner at the Golf Course
  • Bought an iHome for our home 
  • Bought a new iPod for Adam 
  • Fed Willow lots of avocados, sweet corn, blueberries and raspberries 
  • Red Lobster with the Johnsons
  • Buffalo Wild Wings (Adam and Mike) 
  • Heinz's 4th of July party 
  • Willow's birthday breakfast
  • Willow's birthday party at the Johnsons 
  • Chinese buffet with Hannah, Erica, and Grandma and Grandpa Johnson

Husking sweet corn 

Eating sweet corn 
Mostly, it was a wonderful break from school and work. We loved seeing everyone that we did, eating too much great food/dessert, and celebrating Willow's first birthday in her birth country. It was an amazing trip--thank you all who hosted us, fed us, cleaned up after us, and gave us a break! Willow was spoiled beyond belief by all her doting family members, and we appreciated all the free child care! Thank you!

Here's to life back on the other side.

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