Saturday, May 7, 2011

Shenyang Shower

A few weeks ago, the ladies in our community put together a fun baby shower for me! I walked over with an umbrella, and came back with all these gifts! I have yet to finish writing and delivering all of the thank-you notes, but if any of my Shenyang friends are reading this, thank you so much! I had a lot of fun, the food and games were great, and the gifts are such a huge blessing! I was loved and encouraged by your presences, words, and intercessions. Thank you, thank you!

So many fun and creative games were played, and a cute little baby book for our little one was put together by the ladies throughout the party. What a sweet idea, and I'll keep that book forever. In the picture above, you'll notice an opened package of Pampers. My Shenyang friends wrote messages on all of those diapers. Some were very creative, and even crossed into the realms of poetry. I look forward to reading those diaper messages in the future.

One of the teachers on our team crocheted these adorable booties and bib! She also crocheted a perfect little blanket. I'm amazed by people who have this skill--and I am seriously going to frame these one day.

Since this is going to be the baby-post of the week....I am now in week 31 of pregnancy. Oof. The aches and pains are there. My belly button has all but disappeared, which is fine with me since I am positive that it had drifted off center. I have 10 days of teaching left, and about 17 days until we board our plane for the US.

We now know what kind of visa the baby needs to apply for, so that's a relief. And little details that have been pestering my subconscious, like insurance, our visas, and translating our marriage license--are being calmed by answers.

As we wind down at school, organize our apartment (done!), and prepare to pack our bags, we realize that lives are changing very rapidly, yet again.

Here are some requests to "think" about on our behalf:

*Adam and Julie's classes (preparing subs and plans for the two weeks they will not be teaching)
* That the rest of Julie's time as a 3rd grade teacher would go without a hitch (we have two more field trips coming up, and there are several concerns with specific students or parents that could make the end difficult)
*That Julie would be able to go to the doctor before leaving for the US--there hasn't been time to go in the last 6 weeks. This is especially important so that I can get my records and also get medical permission to travel.
*Safe traveling--that there would be no problems going through customs and that the airlines would allow me to fly....maybe even bump us up to business or first class... :)
*That the baby would continue to develop healthily. That we would be able to find out the gender of the baby--preferably before we leave China.
* That our time in the US would be a blessing to others/us.
*That Adam would be able to find out if he needs knee surgery or not--and if so, that surgery would be quickly schedule and safely executed.
*That there would be no difficulties in transferring to the prenatal care and delivery services in the US.
*That the labor and delivery would be safe, on time, and as natural as possible.
*Baby's paperwork (social security, birth certificate, passport, and visa) could be completed as efficiently as possible.

That's probably enough for now. Thank you....


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