Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bowling in Shenyang

Recently, we have found that bowling can be a fun way to spend free time in Shenyang. To play one game and rent a pair of shoes, it is relatively inexpensive--plus, you can almost imagine that you are playing in an American bowling alley.

The bowling alley smells like an old basement and moth balls. I like how it smells.

One of our good friends here in Shenyang who has played several games with us.

We're trying to improve at bowling, but we're inconsistent at best. I think that Adam is much more skilled at bowling than I will ever be.Here in Shenyang, he has to wear the largest pair of bowling shoes--he also has to use the heaviest bowling ball since his fingers will not fit in any of the other/lighter sizes that are available.

Check out the Chinese characters on Adam's Coke can...

Adam's very large shoes...


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